DIY Hat Brim Extender – Where vanity and nerdiness collide

hat brim extenderThere must always be a first, some brave fool to jump headlong into a new idea and herald its brilliance to the naysayers, the stick-in-the-muds, and all those not-so-innocent bystanders. Well, dear readers, let me introduce you to the Blank Canvas Living Baseball Cap Hat Brim Extender. hat brim extensionThis simple, easy to craft… er ‘engineer’ custom DIY hat brim extension keeps your face fresh and your eyes strategically shielded from any soul scarring double-takes from ignorant passers by. A blonde ponytail can only protect a gal from so much… sigh. But I ask you, at their genesis, haven’t all celebrated works of fashion prompted the question (in this case from a rather more than mildly concerned hubby): “Are you really going to wear that?”

What you’ll need to craft your own DIY hat brim extender:
 hat brim extender materials-two baseball caps (mesh Nike hats shown)
-colour coordinated 3/4” velcro
-waterproof (dry clear) fabric adhesive
-needle/thread (optional)
-clips for clamping (optional)

1- Cut away crown of one hat, leaving only the sweatband where it attaches to hat brim extension

2- Cut and position Velcro as shown – hook side on brim extension. Glue and clamp in place.

3- Let dry overnight. Baste stitch around sweatband velco to secure (optional).

Note: Double brim can be positioned directly under the top brim for discreet storage. Double brim can also be angled for distinctly less-than-discreet shade coverage. Be bold, not burned!

5 thoughts on “DIY Hat Brim Extender – Where vanity and nerdiness collide

  1. bizarre but I could sure use one of those canoeing!! Or sailing into the west as the sun sets over English Bay!

    • …”bizarre”… Perhaps rather bizarrely, I’ve always taken that word as a compliment lol. Yes, the back woods of Quebec would be a perfect environment for this innovation. As a practicing advocate of ‘naked canoeing’ (yes, I even have a beaver tattoo – I really am that Canadian!) I can only imagine how unsuspecting fishermen would react: “Sacrébleu! Quelle beau… um… châpeau!” (ps: tried to come up with a translation for ‘um’ but ‘oé’ just looked… bizarre ~wink)

  2. Rather cool idea! I could see definite uses for one of those in Hawke’s Bay, my home district in NZ, where the sun gets rather intense and SPF30 sun-cream is essential wear.

    • Thanks Matthew! I’ll just overlook the “rather” and jump straight into “cool” lol. From what I hear, New Zealand can get pretty toasty (my cousin had a hot time touring your neck-o-the-woods last year – in more ways than one!) and if you think double brimming could help max one’s ‘cool’, I’ll jump straight into that too!

      • New Zealand’s definitely ‘hot’, in a very ‘cool’ way! 🙂 The best ‘cool’ is when a lateral idea catches on, and suddenly it turns thinking sideways (you know what I mean) into ‘cool’.

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