How to know you’ve OD’ed on philosophy

playing catch with philosophyFor those of us whose minds and mouths seem so much more adept at forming questions than answers… For those of us who swing wide on the flexibilities of our viable worlds… For those of us who can never stop exploring… Is it possible to overdose on philosophy? If there is one solid answer in this world, it is to this question. And three days ago it smacked me upside the head… YES!

It was the last dream before the morning. In the boundless, though tremulous reality of my dream’s gestalted storyline, I am teaching a small toddling self to play catch under a purple sky.

“OK, here we go,” I said. “I’ll throw you the ball, then you catch it and throw it back to me.”

My mini mirror caught my light toss with expert ease. But then she hesitated, looked up at me and asked, with blue eyes wide and questioning…


4 thoughts on “How to know you’ve OD’ed on philosophy

  1. A philosopher is embodied within a child…A child asks, Why? Why is the sky blue? Why am I? Philosophy begins with a child’s question, a child’s quest….embrace the child that is you, and know that play, too, is philosophy, as is love, as is a walk in the rain…..

    • …lovely, Lynn 🙂

      “Run Forest! Run!” called the father after the toddler who’d just taken flight down the bikepath. The little boy stopped and turned around in confusion.
      “Forret? What’s Forret?” he asked.
      I had way too much fun eavesdropping on how the dad tried to explain his Forest Gump reference to a kid born in 2012!

      Ah man, just totally dated myself by telling this story lol

  2. There is a child within all of us. Sometimes it isn’t well hidden – I knew someone once for whom the inner and rather petulant 4-year old was scarcely beneath the surface. Most of us only find our child-form in dreams. But their questions are pertinent.

    • I figure if any version of myself bothers to take the trouble to track me down through consciousness (let alone time!) to ask me something… the least I can do is blog about it… er… I mean… pay attention lol. Ps: I hope you were able to leave that “rather petulant” piglet in your own past… provided he/she wasn’t an editor… that could get awkward…

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