Gateway to the Blank Canvas Sampler

blank canvas font samplerHistorically, samplers were developed as outward expressions of memory, a way to record and collect patterns for future use and adaptation. These first samplers evolved organically over a lifetime in variation, texture, and complexity, spreading across the cloth with the deceptive randomization of fractals.


The Blank Canvas Sampler is an ongoing collection of quotes, images, and knowledge that support a worldview rich in freedom of ideas and identity. It is an organic, honest, and tactile way of ‘taking notes’ on the world. Memory in this externalized format has an advantage, as words can be recorded verbatim rather than as we interpret (and so record) them internally. But for the Blank Canvas Sampler to be as authentic as possible to our brain’s natural methods, source memory is less important than content, images tied to quotes are based on the brain’s internal associations, and the scripting (Blank Canvas Font) will not always be perfect – because neither are we.

One thought on “Gateway to the Blank Canvas Sampler

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