What catches, grabs, but most importantly, holds our attention? What drives engagement? Remember play? We ran off to explore life through the clear prism of our senses, writing our own polar bear stories with little mitten fists in the snow. On the sidewalk we were pirates, scraped knees braced against the wind, waiting for the grim yellow ship to collect us for the gallows. Every moment was real, but we were told that someday we’d have to let these stories go. I have a secret. I know how to get them back…

Blank Canvas Living is a creative content concept that uses a three part formula based on neuroscience to maximize engagement and deeply humanize your product/service/event to bring your customers into the story and keep them coming back. This is going to be fun! See your business in a whole new way with a free consultation and initial ideation – simply fill out the short contact form below. Content package/project estimates are complimentary and visuals and text will be tailored to fit your brand and target demographic. Blank Canvas Living provides social media content, web writing, staff/business profiles and custom illustration/design/writing projects. Mindful creativity workshops in the Calgary, Canada area are also available. In the meantime, enjoy the Blank Canvas Living blog, a play space for creativity, mindfulness and connection. You’ll also find project samples, and compassionate/humorous support for a creative brain… just like yours!

Cymbria Wood Blank Canvas LivingPersonal Mission: Just as many mathematicians see the world through numbers, I see it through story. They burst from every object and interaction, and it’s the gift I was born to share. Blank Canvas Living is based on over a decade of dedicated study of creativity, the brain, and an in-depth personal exploration of mindfulness. While I am first a writer, I also have a background in fashion/industrial/graphic design, as well as art/illustration. I’ve written and edited for print and the web and been part of the corporate world including the Nordstrom visual team. I was always the kid leading the polar bear troupe through the tallest drifts, and it’s my personal mission to keep opening these secret doors so we can all learn to dare a storied life. Cymbria Wood