Remember play? We ran off to explore, to story our worlds through the clear prism of our senses. But then all that human messiness got loaded on, layer upon layer of meaning, rules, hierarchies… We were told we’d have to let our stories go. But not all of us could.

My brain never gave me a choice; I am my stories. But what sustained me as protection has grown up into connection, because this secret is so much more fun to share. Dare a storied life! Join me in creating the world you want to wake up to. Rediscover your true creative self and the powerful connections it can build, from cellular to social. Using the toys/tools of mindfulness and creativity – both just a child’s reach away – let’s go play!

Cymbria Wood Blank Canvas LivingCymbria Wood is a writer/designer/illustrator who specializes in creative life counselling and communications. For more information on her services, and/or to book a consultation, commission, or creative coffee chat – Click Here. Blank Canvas Living is anchored by an eight year dedicated study into the evolution of ideas with a concentration on mindfulness and neuroscience. When not surfing supernovas, Cymbria lives in Calgary, Canada with her golf-mad husband and her own darling limbic mascot.