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Cymbria Wood Blank Canvas LivingRemember being told to wait in line when you were young? We ran off to explore, to play, to engage with the world through the clear prism of our senses. I have always been that child, inviting others to map new trails with little mitten fists through the drifts, storying secret doorways to other worlds. But we were taught that someday we’d have to let our stories go, because there would be no one to hold our place in line.

Blank Canvas Living is an exercise in engagement. Take the world back down to your senses, to the surface of your skin, and ask yourself: what sustains your system? I dare a storied life because it is my healthiest, most honest reality. Anchored by a seven year dedicated study into ‘the evolution of ideas’, with a concentration in neuroscience, this blog explores and reimagines the world through storytelling, creative problem solving, and innovative design solutions – plus a heck of a lot of sex and humour! There is no one holding my place in line. Join me. Create your own paradigm. I dare you. And let Blank Canvas Living be your guide. Now let’s go play…

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Can you show us samples of some of your other clothing design projects?

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  1. Since we are ever evolving, sometimes it’s hard to resist reusing old materials to make new explorations. Thank you so much, Daniel, for wanting to leave my tracks intact. If the old adage is true, that “curiousity killed the cat”… I’m sure I’ve gone through quite a few of my nine lives by now lol. Thanks for being curious enough to click into my blog!

  2. Thank you! Some girls go weak in the knees for Skittles rainbows, but I’ve always been a sucker for a cup full of pencil crayon possibilities. PS: I’m in love with the delicate floral background on your blog – so soft and inviting, like the perfect website sheet set lol

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