3 Dreams that are getting in the way of your dreams – Part 2

After defining the three types of dreams that keep us from pursuing our own – Part 1 (click to catch up!) – it’s time to get down and dirty about resetting our brains. Because why let how you woke up keep you from the glorious blank canvas morning you deserve!

The most efficient way in terms of brain chemistry to hit the refresh button is to treat yourself to a manual brain bliss – nudge nudge know what I mean. But a quick mindfulness sense scroll or gratitude meditation also do a pretty decent job at getting you back in the groove. Also, don’t underestimate the power of prayer, and hey, if you’re in that club may as well double down on your morning brain priming benefits by reading a few passages. Yes, I totally put that first and last suggestion in the same paragraph.

Talking to another human being is another surefire way to get into a less amygdala-indulgent brain space. A short conversation is sometimes enough to knock your brain back into its regular gear by bumping you through habit into the wavelength of your shared reality. So call your mom or poke your hubby, doesn’t matter as long as you don’t go on about the doom thing… still trying to learn that lesson. Tends to compound the problem and not just biologically…sigh.

The first two dreams, false awakenings and false solutions, can be rationalized into the background, but the sense of doom dream is a real mindf*ck. Maybe we have to reach well beyond ourselves for this one, and not just into the next room. I had a double whammy 2/3 yesterday morning and while I already find the Australian thing hilarious, it took me forever to shake that lingering doom. Probably wasn’t the best idea log into my online banking…groan. Then, trying to get on with the practical, I accidentally ripped off some paint off the wall while removing a reading light over my pillows. Oh for F’s sake! But it inspired a solution – in craft form (the best kind lol) – I’d left back in grade 4 Canadian studies. Turns out it’s the perfect spot to hold a personalized dreamcatcher. Because sometimes to survive this crazy thing called life, we just have to throw ourselves on the mercy of the universe.


Total craft mode here… notch and glue together three paintbrushes, then wrap with thin yarn – I just went round in a circle looping under-over for the central section and then over-under for the rest. Decorate with embroidery floss, beads, feathers, and whatever personal talismans you want. I used pins and fortunes (if you you’re a Star Trek fan zoom in on the far right pin and fortune ~wink)

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