Beyond freedom…

ultimate beach

Freedom, pushed to its purity, becomes the opposite of its definition. I have tested freedom, bravely or foolishly – I’m still not sure. I have followed every low limbic permission to its end expression – and nearly my own. I have walked alone, naked, on the shores of a lost lake deep in the woods of Quebec – without my glasses. And in that freedom, that genetic honesty, I chilled with the recognition of our true vulnerability. Our bodies, our little eddies of friction in the flow of the universe have not evolved to support this freedom.

We court it, muse on its promises and expansiveness. But pure freedom – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint – isolates, shrinks our viable worlds smaller and smaller as our system rejects our constructs: social rules, orders of perception, paradigm dependent value hierarchies… Want, taken down to its base, the very literal center of our brains, is so dangerous we have evolved entire neural structures to wrap it and protect us from its lethal motivations.

On the shores of that lake, I felt for the first time the need of other bodies, other brains, other eyes to guide and protect my own. What did I reach out for from freedom? With a child’s eager fingers… I reached for love.

Love is beyond freedom. This primal connection brings multiple worlds of perception into parallel, not by force, but by desire, by want. What drives us towards freedom saves us from its endgame. If you live through freedom, if you survive it, you know that even love is a choice. A choice between men, between women, becomes quite simply a choice between worlds, between selves. There is no right or wrong.

Let’s go beyond freedom, bravely and foolishly – together.

5 thoughts on “Beyond freedom…

  1. beautifully expressed cymbria……”freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” sings Gordon Lightfoot ….and yet, as I close my eyes and imagine your walk…I long to slip into the lake water, and feel its cool embrace…there is love all around us, if we are willing to open ourselves to its multiple presences and possibilities…

    • Thank you so much Lynn. What a beautiful comment. Sliding under the waves, submitting to an alternate gravity…. to another world. For those of us who dare open our eyes to the depths and dive deep into the sun sliced blackness…. cheers! There is always a story to tell (don’t get me started about the giant catfish) when we brave the exploration, whether of lake, of mind, or of love.

  2. Well written. I feel freedom in its absolute sense will not do anything good. When it is regulated it is beneficial. For eg., I have the freedom to eat anything, but if I am not sure about the quality of stuff I am eating that will lead to stomach disorder and other ailments. To enjoy freedom, we need principles and laws.

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