Is your ‘Secret Garden’ secretly killing you?

fat woman eatingSo many of us live double lives. I don’t just mean having a young filly or a well hung, obedient boy toy shacked up across town. I’m talking about your Secret Garden. You know, the private place you escape to when the world gets too loud and needy or we reach a Tetris tipping point. We all have our own version of ‘Me Time’, but often what begins as a safe sanctuary slowly de-evolves into a dangerous, even lethal, prison. One day you look up and the walls of your Secret Garden are too high to climb and you’re trapped as a slave to your glamours, insatiables, and be-all-end-alls.

Feeling all high and mighty watching a Youtube obesity documentary while picking at a plate of asparagus on my lunch break, I was suddenly blindsided by an embarrassing parallel. The woman on screen had bustled her kids off to school, tidied up, put in a load of laundry, and then – efficiencies done – took a plastic grocery bag full of chocolate bars out of a hidden cupboard and proceeded to devour the entire gluttonous mess in a highly ritualized performance.

“This is ME-TIME,” she declared to the camera, almost as a threat. Woe-betide the fool who would dare try and rob her of this one true, loyal pleasure!

“Oh shit,” I said to myself, “do I really do the same freakin’ thing?!”

Of course, just like most of us, but my Secret Garden involved getting drunk and stoned watching old online episodes of Antiques Roadshow on a tiny netbook in my kichen while sitting on one of those horribly uncomfortable 1970s plywood stacking chairs. Grim. But how had this happened? I was in love, full of potential, with all joints as yet in working order. How had this sad, rather tragic scene become my be-all-end-all?

Genetics and circumstances dictate our unique set of personal glamours, insatiables, and be-all-end-alls. These behaviours and externals are what we feel make our lives worth living. Some lucky bastards are coded to respond to running and quinoa, while others get off on fries or affairs. Stress, biochemistry, and trauma can make the brain more vulnerable to adopting extreme, often dangerous, glamours (eg: cutting and drugs) because these behaviours provide an immediate and seductively efficient neurotransmitter reaction. Tolerance develops over time and before you know it you’re either 500 pounds or base jumping!

Just like yours, my Secret Garden had been planted with all innocence – just like the one in Burnett’s classic children’s novel (a personal fave!). I made my own clothes and acted out heroic stories in the backyard – happy as a clam! Then life happened and somehow I ended up on that stupid hard-ass chair!

Be honest. What does your Secret Garden grow? Because whatever you think you want, whatever you think your dreams and goals may be… here’s the truth: your unconscious, primative mind is, at this very moment, concentrating all its energy and effort on the simple goal of getting you into that garden and keeping you there.

But we’re not children anymore. Once we acknowledge our current glamours, insatiables, and be-all-end-alls, and accept them with unrelenting compassion, we can begin to pre-train new ones and eventually switch over more permanently. Click here to read about how the relationship between your efficiencies and indulgences can help reveal (and even begin training!) new personal glamours.

11 thoughts on “Is your ‘Secret Garden’ secretly killing you?

  1. Dear Cymbria,

    My secret garden of coffee and coke is, actually, killing me!

    Your blog entry ….the picture alone with the little pig nose….really gives it to me plain and without judgement.

    I am now 5 days off my secret garden and have replaced it with chocolate.

    My plan is replace chocolate with random exercise……….Your blog entries are hitting home as they provoke me to talk about myself and give me real life strategies or at the least awareness of self.

    There is no shame sitting on a hard chair only if you sit too long your bum gets numb and no-one wants a numb bum!

    Live on!

    • Thank you for the awesome comment, David! I’m so happy you’re enjoying these posts 🙂 Hmmm 5 days ‘clean’, eh? Does this mean you get some sort of Caffeine-ers Anonymous chip? Oh wait, perfect, how ’bout a whole handful of chocolate chips lol. And switching to “random exercise” would then be a great way to burn off all your more recent glamours’ calories! Ah yes, my man, I believe your strategy takes this whole concept to the next level.

      “A numb bumb” is always a sure sign that one must plunge oneself into intensive re-evaluation of what “gets one off.” Ummmmm, I really didn’t mean to go there, but just couldn’t resist – my apologies ~wink.

  2. I found you through Yahoo Shine. I’m glad I googled “blankcanvasliving” because I am really digging your site so far.

    Thank you!

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