8 thoughts on “My best life advice came from a pickup artist

  1. This reminds me of Genie from Aladdin’s advice: “Bee yourself.” (He was a bumblebee at the time). I think that’s where all of the incongruence comes from, when you are trying to be someone other than yourself. It’s hard enough to keep one identity straight, let alone several fabricated ones!

    • I hear you Brantley! Oh man, but now I have that Genie bee visual stuck in my head – which means I have Robin Williams buzzing in my ear now too… oh great, just great. 😉 I think we’ve got to be congruent to whatever strange and wonderful human our decisions have led us to be in the present moment. You’re so right about the toxic incongruence that comes from fakin’ in! And I don’t know about you (though I can guess from you avatar lol), but I’m sure you and I have enough variation in our authentic personalities to bee buzzzzy enough without wasting time and energy making up a cover story!

  2. Integrity. Authenticity. They work – and for anything we care to do. The problem with pickup artists (aka car salesmen, real estate agents, etc etc…the “product” and the “technique” being abstracted here) is they know how to manipulate the emotional response to such things. I don’t have any idea about that method or how it works, and I’m kind of glad about that… In the concept of such things, I think un-directed genuineness helps the congruence – for me, even if I do bumble along and fall over a lot along the way (literally as well as conceptually, actually, but let’s not go there).

    • Hehee – The verb ‘bumble’ is simply the more picturesque ‘scenic route’ vocabulary option when describing the pursuit of anything even mildly goal oriented. I bumble… you bumble… we all bumble! Tra…la…la…

      I’m so with you on “un-directed genuineness” being the best path to personal congruence – any way you flip, slide, or spin it lolz. As far as sales goes, I’m still traumatized by the time I had to try to sell fundraising chocolates for a high school band trip. Donald Trump I am not – and glad of it!

  3. Cymbria you are so funny! what a great line to end on….I like this idea of congruency…yes of course, makes total sense….perhaps that’s why I feel so incongruent in my own life…the wardrobe just doesn’t match the job description; the job doesn’t match the marital status….the expert of congruency? I’m reading the biography of Leonard Cohen. ‘nut said! 🙂 keep on writing!!

    • Thank you Lynn! You have the exceptionally fabulous wardrobe of a Blank Canvas Thinker. Which means you’re in disguise at pretty much any job people are willing to pay someone to do… sigh. Story of our lives! Irony is, of course, that the paychecks earned through our incongruences are currently funding our inner/outer explorations towards congruency. As for marital status, all I can say is some days are far more congruent than others ~wink.

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