How to start taking action on your naked ideas

imageWhat is an idea? It’s a burst, a sparkle of new connectivity. It’s a delicious brain buzz humming with the unfettered thrill of happily ever after. A little Disney orgasm if you will – cue crescendo and bluebirds. But without action, let’s face it, any idea is purely a personal pleasure. When you take new micro neural connections and expand then into the social system as macro reflections in real-time… woah, then you’ve got an orgy on your hands!

But idea is safe, without all that dramz. And ideas can trick a person (especially us card carrying introverts) into the lie of self-sustaining satisfaction. Ever notice how drug addicts, geniuses, and so many creatives have similar isolationist behaviour, and (on occasion) rather questionable hygiene? Says the gal suddenly acutely aware of the questionable state of her hair. So ya, I’m the first to admit I get off on ideas. One big juicy one will keep me going for hours, if not days. They feel so purposeful all on their own. And I’ve been hiding in my own magical Cymbria land of abstraction and intellectual intrigue – screw it, more like using both to argue for a personal purpose rooted in sensation. Mmmm sensation. But I’ve run out of time. Action has become a matter of real survival! And I thought that would be enough, but it isn’t. Since when has death ever been a deterrent? Hello story of my twenties (er… and possibly this first chunk of my thirties… sigh).

I’ve come to the place all deeply creatives must reach if we want to be successful. We have to make our ideas real enough to bring other people into their possibility – not to show off peep-show style but reaching out in real earnest and honest engagement. Terrifying, I know. What if they don’t like… me? It’s scary out there in action land. Plus, I’m selfish and I want to keep having all the fun! Why can’t we be honest as introverts and admit we just really wanna keep playing. Because once an idea grows up and becomes a negotiation it’s always about other people. But let me stop whining and give you some solid basic tips to help you suck-it-up and turn your idea into something you can share – because sex is always more fun than solo (except maybe for… but that’s another blog’s post lol)

simon sinek1- Connect with your personal “why.” Watching Simon Senek’s Ted Talk about communicating through your purpose is incredibly inspirational. And has the added bonus of being liquid gold brain priming.

2- Use that brain priming to your best advantage. Example: find a video or article about someone succeeding at what you’re doing – not the same thing because obviously you’re brilliant and completely original and have the best ideas, really terrific ideas… oops how did we get here!?

3- Quantize your tasks so as not to over-stress your working memory. Really. Helps. Seriously.


I could go on. But if you’re reading this you’ve probably seen all this shit before. It’s good shit, don’t get me wrong, but we’re still not getting at the heart of the matter. You need to do you. Take a darn hard look at that idea of yours. Can it help give you a life you want to wake up to? Can it connect you with other people… who might just find they like you after all. Will it still sparkle for you on someone else’s finger? If not – scrap it and move on.

If you can’t connect your idea to an irresistible abundance, then it will be a struggle all the way. I hold my Blank Canvas Living stories and ideas next to my heart because they make my world glow. But even I have to admit that I feel my true abundance when I’m trying my very best, with all the tools I have, to help make other worlds glow too – maybe even yours. But I need to do this for myself. And if I’m not feeding my Mitch-the-insatiable-human-itch, my limbic emotional brain, I disengage. So this has gotta be fun. Hard, no prob, we can do hard. I kept my January no-celebrity-gossip-pledge so a post a day February can’t be any harder – cue quiet scream. So let’s get this ball rolling, rolling… rolling…

ps: baring my BCL secrets in the title pic above ~wink

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