Three part Blank Canvas Living formula to maximize engagement

brain1) Mindfulness: Invites your audience into the moment with visuals/text loaded with rich sensory cues, surprising emotions/intimacies, and disrupted value hierarchies, creating a non-judgmental observational space where cemented associations begin to loosen.

2) Play: Takes the loosening process further with unexpected juxtapositions, strategic personification, and plain ol’ graphic excitement. Lets the audience inhabit characters based on your brand’s demographic. You choose the level of surrealism, intrigue, sexiness and/or danger – have some fun!

3) Story: Reshuffles these loosened associations into a new sequence linkage map in the brain. This new story weaves your product/service/event through multiple brain structures (sensory/emotional/“rational”) to create a rich and compelling cognitive experience that is more likely to be remembered and repeated.