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img_4133Letting go of Sex and the City
We mold our womanhood from a thousand bits of clay, not the cool wet river mud of our deepest stories, but countless social scripts that shape our permissions. Keep reading…

3 Dreams that are getting in the way of your dreams – Part 2
After defining the three types of dreams that keep us from pursuing our own, it’s time to get down and dirty about resetting our brains. Because why let how you woke up keep you from the glorious blank canvas morning you deserve! Keep reading…

3 Dreams that are getting in the way of your dreams – Part 1
The world we wake up to is so often a hazy mix of dreamworld and reality. Fortunately there are ways to prevent the taint of the following three types of dreams from lingering until lunchtime. Keep reading…

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Warm Portobello Salad: A mushroom faces his mortality
Men do not deal well with mortality, especially on Mondays. Virile and meaty, with an impressive masculine girth, Don had always stood his ground as king of the crop. Keep reading…

To all the men who’ve tried to save us
Did you really think it would be so easy? Insert here and watch us born again, in your own image no less? But why are we still playing along? Keep reading…

My most shameful permission
You know you’re in trouble when you’re following Muammar Gaddafi’s lead! The documentary told how a young on-the-move Gaddafi broke cultural tradition by not going back home to contribute when his family could really have benefited. “Oh,” I remember saying to myself, “his independence from paradigm norms and rules freed him to create his own world.” Keep reading…

Breaking up with celebrity gossip
Celebrity gossip is to women what sports are to men. We live the hunt vicariously, for love, for the revenge body, for the perfect shoe/bag combo… and just for the record I was on “Team Jen.” There’s no shame here; I delight in relational dramz as much as the next gal. It’s just how our brains are wired. Keep reading…

How to start taking action on your naked ideas
What is an idea? It’s a burst, a sparkle of new connectivity. It’s a delicious brain buzz humming with the unfettered thrill of happily ever after. A little Disney orgasm if you will – cue crescendo and bluebirds. Keep reading…

Challenging the glamour of our rituals
…What glamours are trapping you in your own rituals? Are you writing your story from a place of cognitive security and strength or is your limbic brain scripting you a Scarface blaze-a-glory shitshow? Hmmm funny how the latter lights up my brain lol. Because what we see as glamour is simply one of your brain’s sneakier ways of negotiating your continued participation in – let’s be honest here – an often unbearable world. Keep reading…

imageReleasing your energy eddies
How do we release these energy eddies? First, know them for what they are. Our brains cruelly, and falsely, tie these turbulences into our identities and so much of our spinning is fueled by the desperate struggle to balance our “shoulds” with our escapes. But such a balance will always be a lie. Keep reading…

imageMaking a change? Finding your authentic self
In the long low darkness of the void, while your brain chemistry adjusts to change, there is one last sacrifice to make. After setting aside your rituals, your be-all-end-all attentions and beliefs, you must now claim one final permission in order to connect with your authentic self: time. Keep reading…

Making a change? Connecting with your universal self – Part 2
So, after tasting universal love I had two options: retreat into bliss and keep surfing my supernova, or use this new platform as permission to seek out compatible abundances to honour my temporal self. This is a crazy world, and keeping our bodies, our little frictions in the flow, alert and alive can be a tedious business. But did I really want to sacrifice my humanity to white, black, or orange robes and hide in ritual? Keep reading…

Making a change? Connecting with your universal self – Part 1
…True change courts a love beyond our humanity, known only when we offer ourselves wholly to the unorderable bliss of the universe. Bring that love home, and your human connections can finally become what they need to be – your reality and guide to purpose. Keep reading…

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Making a change? A warning from the void!
Because while your brain chemistry adjusts to reward a new set of attentions, and you progress towards real change, there is no way to ignore that first lover’s little whisper in your ear… “I swear,” it teases, titillates, “this will be the last time.” Keep reading…

mindfulness meditation
Making a change? The mindfulness key…
STOP whatever you’re doing and SMELL where you are… take a long, slow, lazy sniff of this moment and watch its molecular landscape paint itself across your brain. Now draw a few shorter, more urgent breaths and pay close attention to new layers and nuances that add texture, peaks and valleys to this internal mapping. Keep reading…

shocked face
Making a change: The REAL reason to risk the void!
So why change? Why risk the void as your brain chemistry adjusts to a new set of thoughts and behaviors? Flat out – to build the path of least resistance to deeper connection with the human experience. To share, to want, to satisfy, to explore. To love without fear because you know you are worth every effort. Keep reading…

leap of faithMaking a change? Why risk the void?
Short answer… So you can tell the truth. Not some sort of accountability to your friends and family bullshit, but permission to express and experience your genetic truth at a cellular level. This is clean energy flow. This is bliss. This is what Oprah’s driving at, what we’re all reaching for, but we’re missing the point by expanding its definition into our human social systems. Keep reading…

Making a change? Welcome to the void…
What if you woke up in the pure, exquisite knowledge that every decision you’d ever made had been wrong? Because they led you here, where every moment is either an agony or an escape. Would you have the courage to call out to your tribe? Would they welcome you? Would they even recognize you after you’ve been gone so long? Keep reading….

The most beautiful place on earth
Beyond freedom…
Freedom, pushed to its purity, becomes the opposite of its definition. I have tested freedom, bravely or foolishly – I’m still not sure. I have followed every low limbic permission to its end expression – and nearly my own. Keep reading…

diy kids game
Turn story into play with a creative life counsellor
Welcome to play! Invite a creative life counsellor into your child’s life and watch the magic happen! Who needs video games, anorexic dolls, and regimented craft kits when kids have so many stories ripe for exploration and invention. mary poppins carpet bag. A creative life counsellor isn’t a babysitter or a simple craft coordinator; our specialized skill set opens imaginations and turns story into a personalized – ridiculously fun! – physical reality. Keep reading…

perfect selfie
How to take a psychologically safe selfie
…The brain is a sly fellow and as the eye moves like some manic gps around these selfie maps of dead, lost light, it searches – relentlessly – for inconsistencies and asymmetries. Even now, I’m sitting here bemoaning that blotchy bit in the hair above’s pen line – and that’s just an illustration! Keep reading…

blank canvas font sampler
Designing a new handwriting font
In this age of constant communication, the medium of our translation is homogenized into set typefaces of surprisingly limited variation. How can we regain our personal relationship with the physicality of the written word? Keep reading…

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