A Valentine’s Day poem for the brave men who love maneaters

take a bite out of lifeAre you a man who dares to love us heartbreakers?
While the nice gals give, we’ve always been takers.
Maybe you’re one of the brave brash fools
who thinks you can tame a maneater with jewels?
But baubles and diamonds, no matter how grand,
are just cold empty shimmers on our nightstand.
Are you tired of getting thrown out like old toys?
Follow these 5 rules and there’s hope for you boys…

1) When we maneaters are given plenty of space to play,
we’ll always come home after dancing the night away.

2) Be strong and don’t wilt when we demand more than our due.
Stand firm and fair – don’t be a coward and we won’t be a shrew.

3) Dare to love us with hopeless abandon and fiery devotion.
If we think you’re hot shit, your passion is our love potion.

4) To keep a maneater satisfied beyond the honeymoon phase,
you’ve got to evolve with us and not just sit there and laze.

5) Play with us, dream with us, help us to grow and explore.
The rewards of this love with blow your socks off and more!

But maybe the best piece of advice I can add,
is from a man I’ve been honoured to call my grandad,
a brilliant Canadian journalist hero – if a wee bit of a cad.
But I can tell you his secret to marriage really has had
the most impact in making me-n’-my-man not just a fad.
Over a decade ago (after dating 3 months) I got engaged to my lad
with a Timmy’s double chocolate doughnut (which tasted quite rad!)
So what’s the advice that’s seen us through the good and the bad?

The key to a maneater’s heart is what we should all give and expect…
Drum roll please… wait for it … Mutual Respect!

7 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day poem for the brave men who love maneaters

    • So glad you agree! ps: If you both forgot Valentine’s Day, isn’t that some kind of ‘get out of jail free’ card? Nicely played lol. But I think we both need to get our sweeties a surprise. Heck, I woke up to a quasi lecture on Hallmark’s cornering of the market. But what can I say… any man at 6:30AM should never be called on to fulfill cupid’s commands… the alarm clock is arrow enough!

  1. Cymbria,

    Twas the night before Valentines and all through the house,

    Every thought of love was stirring even those for a mouse…

    Much love and mutual respect to a maneater……


    • Thanks David! Guess this explains why there’s always an upswing in rodent control calls come early spring lol! Ah yes… life and love are always more fun when lived and loved in rhyme.

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